Svitava bridge

The design of the new bridge over the Svitava River is inspired by the industrial heritage of both riverbanks and the neighborhoods they connect. The organically shaped riverbanks create an inviting, accessible public space that culminates geometrically in sculptural concrete blocks, accentuating the dynamic development on both sides of the Svitava River. Connecting the bridge, riverbanks, and neighborhoods is a utilitarian steel element in the form of a pair of bridge arches with delicate organic details. The symmetrical composition treats both riverbanks equally, and the bridge's architectural expression defines a sophisticated link between the emerging urban neighborhoods. The project was a collaboration the engineers Bollinger Grohman and features innovative structural design; the bridge span is reduced by cantilevering corbelled concrete footings, with efficient steel arches that vary their thickness in line with the structural moment diagram. The arches serve a dual-function to separate the cycle lane from passing trolley-busses, removing the need for additional crash barriers. The regeneration of the riverbanks form part of Brno's flood strategy, so all relevant flooding parameters are considered. Images by Jakub Komrska.

  • Place: Czech Republic
  • Size: M
  • Date: 2022
  • Status: competition design

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