VRT Roudnice

High speed rail terminal. Our competition proposal for the Roudnice High-Speed Rail Terminal develops an architectural narrative where the roof plays a central role in organizing flows and providing hierarchy and character to the entire spatial diagram. The roof folds intensify towards the central axis, highlighting the main circulation routes and contributing to intuitive navigation. This composition establishes a strong hierarchy for the programmatic components, with the most public spaces receiving the tallest proportions within the folds. The directionality of the roof folds mirrors the circulation routes, and the entire roof flattens towards the edges, creating a morphology that subtly references the geometry of the surrounding landscapes, particularly the dominant Říp hill. The roof's semiotic vocabulary, supported by structural performance, generates a powerful architectural experience that celebrates the new era of infrastructure. Images by @negativ_va

  • Place: Czech Republic
  • Size: L
  • Date: 2021
  • Status: schematic design

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