Czech pavilion at Expo Osaka

The pavilion's design is rooted in the belief that the future of civilization should embrace a harmonious relationship with the natural environment. It envisions humans as an integral part of nature and draws inspiration from the structure of trees, particularly the Vejvodova linden in the Czech Republic. The design emphasizes transparency and inclusivity, with a central staircase and a transparent front façade that showcases the pavilion's activities and character. The construction material used is cross-laminated timber (CLT), chosen for its sustainable and recyclable properties. The design principles are based on construction techniques that define the pavilion's character and form. The central curatorial concept of "Society 5.0" is inspired by Karel Čapek's vision and focuses on the advancement of robotic technologies not only for productivity but also for artistic and literary purposes. Robots capable of generating, writing, and erasing poetry and prose by Czech and Japanese authors will be a unique feature of the 2025 exhibition, expressed on the pavilion's façade and within the interior exhibition. In summary, the pavilion's design is deeply rooted in the integration of humans with their natural environment, taking inspiration from trees and emphasizing transparency and inclusivity. It uses sustainable construction materials and showcases robotic technologies for literary and artistic purposes as a central feature of the exhibition. Images by Dousek Zaborsky.

  • Place: Japan
  • Size: M
  • Date: 2023
  • Status: competition design

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