Memory lane

Memory Lane is a place where history and memory merge into a journey through space. It's a solemn path that connects sites where lives were lost and a tower where they find their final resting place. The design harmoniously integrates with the natural landscape, emphasizing hope for a brighter future and the importance of learning from the past. The Memorial Building's cantilever blades symbolize the scars left by war, leading visitors through a dark and light path, evoking empathy for the past. The memorial space minimizes its impact on the site and offers a rational layout for exhibitions and education spaces, with convenient storage access. The Outdoor Memorial Space, embodied by the Memorial Tower, stands as a herald against forgetting. It immortalizes the dreams and stories of those who lost their lives, with the possibility of adding more as remains are exhumed. The landscape design connects excavation sites and buildings with beautifully landscaped walkways, emphasizing tranquility and reflection while promoting growth and a hopeful future.

  • Place: South Korea
  • Size: L
  • Date: 2021
  • Status: competition design

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