Statue of St. Ludmila

The design is inspired by the personality of this patron of peace, primarily by her attribute – the veil, through which her life unfortunately came to a sad end. The form of the sculpture is composed of a drapery, behind which a recognizable fragment of a stylized human figure is visible. With hands clasped in prayer, it characterizes St. Ludmila as a bearer of the Christian tradition in her devoted faith. The figure is oversized so that, despite being in a kneeling position, its head aligns with the viewer's head, thus maintaining its dignity. The intention is not to celebrate Ludmila's death but rather to glorify her cult. Nevertheless, a certain hint of the drama and tragedy of her death is evident in the tension of the fabric covering her head, stretching backward behind the figure. The absence of the actual figure, which this object commemorates, also alludes to the transience of physical life while emphasizing the constant presence of deeds and messages that need not be material. The figure here simultaneously is and is not, much like a person who departs from this world but leaves behind some form of legacy.

  • Place: Czech Republic
  • Size: S
  • Date: 2020
  • Status: competition design

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