Boutique hotel

Our proposal consists of a simple but innovative timber roof, floating on top of a natural rock podium. The timber roof contains modular hotel rooms while the rock podium hosts the playroom and spa-area. In between the roof and the podium is an open and inviting lobby and restaurant, offering views all-around to the surrounding mountains. The timber roof is iconic and new, yet also reminds of the typical mountain chalets. Using state-of-the-art timber technologies, we push for an efficient, reliable, sustainable and innovative building process with a maximum of prefabrication off-site. We chose to develop a kit-of-parts where we make the most cost-efficient use of different types of timber. CLT mass-timber is used for the load-bearing walls and floors, solid timber beams and light-weight timber cassettes for the roof. The hotel rooms can be built in a modular way, and be quickly installed on site. The podium is defined by the unique use of natural rocks, and creates an exciting and unexpected cave-like environment, with hidden spaces and selected views of the surroundings. The overall organisation of the building is rational and simple: one staircase and core connects all the floors, while the podium contains back-of-house functions and underground parking. The overall volume is compact and has a minimal amount of surface area. The roof allows maximum views to the mountains, and maintains privacy between the guest room balconies.

  • Place: Undisclosed
  • Size: M
  • Date: 2022
  • Status: concept design

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